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Cooking Experience & Wine Tasting

Santorini’s food and wine together at this delightful tour! Explore the “map” of history and wine making of the island, followed by a cooking class and splendid lunch.


You follow the “wine trail”, guided by a sommelier: the history of Santorini hand-in-hand with the grape varieties and the volcanic characteristics that help them flourish.

Then come the one-of-a-kind aroma table of Assyrtiko wine and the special wine tanks that help this wine, typical of Santorini, mature.

Last but not least, a tour to the Afoura barrels cellar.

Following your wine experience, a delightful cooking class comes next where you master the Santorinian cuisine!

Enjoy a glass of Assyrtiko wine while you are guided by an expert chef on cooking Santorinian salad, the typical fava and tomato fritters and seasonally dish of the day.

You try the specialties you cooked! Enjoy the lunch you cooked and let a sommelier unveil the world of Santorini wine to you.

Of course, this is the perfect timing for a little more wine: a wine tasting is the last touch to this excursion, full of flavors and aromas.

Transfers from/to meeting points, Entrance fees, Cooking lesson, Meal